11th Athens Xclusive Designers Week – 2nd day

The second day of the 11th Athens Xclusive Designers Week was dedicated to young designers in the ceremony were New Designers Awards

12 new talents showed their collections and compete for major awards, while last year’s winner of Best New Designer Award and Best Catwalk, Konstantinos Mitrovgenis, winner of two awards “closed” fashion shows of the evening with his collection “Revolution”. During the show the band Mikro performanced live. The catwalk walked designer Miltos, Dimitris Strepkos by Celebrity Skin, the new designer Lila Nova, Tolis Skoulariotis, Melina from Vegas.

The awards for young designers were:

Best New Designer, where the winner will prepare a capsule collection based on his plans for the label Underground, which will be sold in boutiques Underground online shop and the label. As part of this, prize also includes photography from one of the leading Greek professionals of fashion photography.
Best Trendsetter, where the winner receives a unique tribute from MTV channel, in order to display his work in public.
Best Catwalk, where the winner earns a full annual scholarship in the field of Fashion Design from the IEK AKMI.

Jury to evaluate the contestants were Mrs. Toula Angloupa, designer for «Mia» and «Lucifair», fashion designer Nikos Apostolopoulos, Nana Agiopetritou, editor of the journal Deluxe, Katerina Goumas, the owner and the designer of the boutique “Underground ” Maria Papagrigoriou, fashion editor of the journal L ‘OFFICIEL, Martha Papadatos, fashion editor of the magazine Glamour,  Gkrenio Michaela, fashion stylist magazine Lucky.

Presenter of the award ceremony New Designers Awards was Nadia Bulle.

Winners for this year:

Lila Nova: designer impressed with her creativity and won the first prize as the Best New Designer.

Nassos Ntotsikas: the talented designer with amazing creations of colorful knitted won the second prize, that of Best Trendsetter.

H-era: the designer, showing a very creative and “Live” concept, won the award for Best Catwalk.

Other young designers who competed were : streetGeAr by Gena & Argi, Maria Tagalou, Odysseas Papadogiorgakis, Sisi Aretaki, Nektarios Elias Mertios, Stylianos, FAKE by e-outfit.com, Maraveya, E.L.R by Irene Lytra.


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