11th Athens Xclusive Designers Week – 1st day

Saturday, March 17 was the beginning of the 11th International Fashion Week Athens Xclusive Designers Week. Thousands of people vivisted the National Insurance Convention Center in order to watch the fashion trends for Autumn-Winter 2012/13.

Designers that took part were:
The renowned Greek designer Thes Tziveli who lives and works in Italy. Thes Tziveli gave the opportunity to the “Celebrity Skin” designer Dimitri Strepko to introduce along her some of his work. Italian luxury and elegance in unique creations of fur and leather were the main characteristics in the Thes & Thes collection for Autumn – Winter 2012/13.

Proposals for next winter from the duo Asel & Eleonora are mostly in olive green, gray, black and earthy tones. Casual youthful creations with clear cuts and minimal style.

Miltos maintains feminine elegancy and emphasizes at the romantic element. He presented his new collection with a show that wowed the audience. White-beige-black and shades of pink were the colors that prevailed.

Stelios Koudounaris once again amazed the audience. In his new collection, multiple layers are found in liquid, almost “wet” silhouettes, crafted in a completely unique way with lines that follow the body shape. Details with ethnic aesthetic are dominated by black and gray, deep red – almost burgundy and gold mat. His creations for men were in black and gray.

The evening ended with the Greek designer from Canada, Stephan Caras. Youth creations with red and black plaid and a classic black and gold luxury. It  emphasizes at women’s femininity and main element the sex appeal.

Hospitality Sponsor: Athenaeum InterContinental Athens

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