4 Trendy Shoe Styles for the Summer

4 Trendy Shoe Styles for the Summer

Summer 2013 shoes are all about simple embellishments and practical wear-ability. This warm weather season designers universally have incorporated metallic adornments and neutral colors into their fabulous summer collections. Whether you’re a boho chic, classic glamour or a rustic elegance fashionista, there is a gorgeous shoe out there that is perfect for you this summer.

Below are the trendiest summer shoe styles that will compliment any personality.

1. Statement Sandals

Nothing screams summer quite like sandals; they have become an iconic summer style that has re-invented itself year after year because of its wear-ability. This summer sandals have once again evolved and are perfect statement making pieces. Designers like Koolaburra and Stuart Weitzman have taken the sandal to the next level by creating architectural inspired pieces. From fringe to calf length gladiators, summer sandals are fun, unique and practical. But perhaps the best part about statement making sandals is that they are transitional. This summer whether you’re at a backyard barbeque, touring a new city or watching a movie in the park, sandals are the ideal style because they are comfortable and will pair with everything from jeans to dresses. So if you’re a gal that is looking for transitional shoes that are wear-able then statement making sandals are your ideal summer shoe.


footcandyshoes.com  –  Koolaburra  –  S3Ven


footcandyshoes.com  –  Stuart Weitzman  –  Gladiator

2. Gold Embellished Wedges

Gold is in every collection this summer season but our favorite way to incorporate this illuminating color into your look is by wearing it on your wedges. Designers like Kate Spade and Jimmy Choo have creatively integrated metallic gold into their wedge designs by subtly adding gold fabric and hardware. Since gold remains hidden within the details of the wedge designs, pops of gold seem to shimmer and light up as you gracefully walk. Given that gold is very neutral in tone, gold embellished wedges become versatile because they can be worn with an array of outfits, from capris to bathing suits to peplum dresses. If you’re a glamour girl that wants a dainty sparkle in your step then gold embellished wedges are the perfect shoe for you this summer.


footcandyshoes.com  –  Kate Spade  –  Carmelita


footcandyshoes.com  –  Jimmy Choo  –  Pela-Tec

3. Ankle Boots

The pairing of ankle boots with shorts embodies all that is summer 2013. The bohemian music festival vibe combined with a touch of rustic elegance creates a casual, fun and effortless look. Designers like Materia Prima and Stuart Weitzman have designed stunning ankle boots that celebrities like Ashley Tisdale, Kate Bosworth, and Miranda Kerr have been recently spotted in. From concerts to shopping endeavors to your 4th of July celebration, ankle boots will leave you feeling comfortable throughout the entire day and night. But perhaps the best part about buying ankle boots this summer is that you will get plenty of wear out of them for the fall and winter seasons as well. So if you’re looking for a versatile yet rustic glamour type of shoe then ankle boots are the shoes for you this summer.


footcandyshoes.com  –  Materia Prima  –  3M6394


footcandyshoes.com  –  Stuart Weitzman  –  Studgal

4. Strappy Pumps

Cuff straps and strappy open toed pumps are one of the sexiest trends this summer season. There’s just something about pumps that have straps and ties—it simply projects confidence and charisma. When strappy pumps are done right they look soft, delicate yet exude attitude. Designers like Rupert Sanderson and Jerome Rousseau are the ideal designers to turn to when looking for a strappy pump this summer season. Within their collections they have strappy pumps that all women will feel empowered and sophisticated in. From a summer wedding to a special luncheon, strappy pumps not only will make you feel and look gorgeous but they are a must when battling the heat. If you’re a woman that loves practical fashion then strappy pumps are the shoes for you this warm weathered season.


footcandyshoes.com  –  Rupert Sanderson  –  Ivory


footcandyshoes.com  –  Jerome Rousseau  –  Lund

We hope that these 4 trendy summer shoe styles make it into your closet!

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