Site presentation: Diva Heels

All Diva Heels shoes and boots are 100% handmade. Every shoe is handcrafted and only this way it is possible for a product to be precise and highly functional and exclusive design

The best part that you can turn into reality your individual wishes e.g. heels form, shaft height, color, application pattern, accessories, sole form in various heights and material, such as leather, metal, trimming with Swarowski stones, to name a few, entirely according to your preferences, by working with unique combination of various forms, colors and materials! Plus…  it comes certified with personally assigned identification number.

Diva Heels specializes on High Heels, designated by lady shoes with heels from a height of about 10cm. Shoes brand orients itself therefore only towards the heel height and underlines it with other features, such as for example the shaft cut (Sandalette, Deux Piece, Flamenco pumps etc.), the shaft height (half shoe, boats or boot), the shaft material and sole material or the heel form (Louis-XV-Heel, Needle Heel etc.)

The delivery time as a general rule is from 4 to 6 weeks after the first measuring session.

For the measuring and the sample, it is necessary to schedule appointments with them and they can assist you with the registration at a local hotel if you like. If you should wish a personal visit by the designer, you will be billed separately for that convenience. Price estimates could be emailed based on the individual specifics of the respective shoe work. No uniform prices can be determined.

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