Discover Selam Yohans and her A/W 2010 collection

British designer of luxury shoes. In July she got her MA degree in the field of fashion shoes. from the Cordwainers insitut, a property of London College of Fashion. For her final BA collection she collaborated with Churches footwear, owned by Prada and since graduating from Cordwainers and before pursuing the MA, she worked for Italian firm Pitti Capita. Cordwainers college “gave birth” to many names such as Jimmy Choo, Camila Skovguard, Rupert Sanderson, Nicholas Kirkwood and many more.

She is currently undertaking various freelance projects and designing luxury ladies shoes.

The shoes from her A/W 2010 collection worn by Award winning British singer Katie Malua for the promotion of her 2010 CD. Actress Jemima Rooper also wears Selam’s shoes for magazine You.Amongst others ASDF online, Fashion United and Beautiful Fineries interviewed her and featured her A/W 2010 Collection

Every bespoke shoe pair was made in North London. She collaborated with some of the best artisans in order to produce the collection. Also she have access to a factory in East London, were she is able to produce numerous prototypes before reaching the final product.
Her father introduced her to bespoke shoe making. 
“Beauty, A Rough Story Sweetly Told” is the name of her hand made collection. Most shoes are characterized by a tricky braided seam detailing on the styles. The collection is produced for the luxury footwear market, and was inspired by the extreme practices or customs of beauty that involves a great deal of pain.

Every bespoke shoe was made by hand in London using a new technique which involves the lasting of the heel in-between the lining and the upper and a braided seam, made of tiger wire and leather strips, acting as both a functional and aesthetic feature.

Discover more @ Selam Yohans

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