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Passion for feet and shoes, that’s what BAMA is all about…

Only a comfortable and well cared pair of shoes can offer our feet what they need, so that they can move as naturally as possible and contribute to our well-being.

At Bama you will be able to find a considerable amount of useful information on the subject of well being for our feet through the use of insoles as well as on shoe care products and other handy shoe accessories.

BAMA-International has been one of the leading providers of branded articles for the special trade shoe sector in Europe for many decades. It is a company which knows how to combine the experience from over 90 years of tradition with the latest trends and findings of the present. Innovative developments in the areas of Insoles, Shoe care and Accessories, together with high quality standards as well as a world-wide distribution network are only some of the reasons which have contributed to our lasting, partnership cooperation with over 20,000 customers in the shoe retail sector and related areas.

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