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High heels:Pros and cons

In ancient Greece platform sandals with wood or cork soles, called kothorni, were worn from actors in theater, to indicate varying social status or importance of characters. In ancient Rome, sex trade was legal, and female prostitutes were identified by their high heels. During Middle Ages, both men and women wore pattens or wooden soles. … Continue reading

How high … ?

Ever wonder about heel heights ? People talking about “high” heels and actually, only wear low heels. Which is your favorite heel height ?

Lily Allen in high heels

Lily Allen, who is expecting her first child with boyfriend Sam Cooper, loves wearing stilettos. She said: “Empire-line dresses, jeans with a heel and a top that covers your bum are good. And anything cut with an A-line. I’m wary of following trends that don’t work for me – I don’t have a model’s body, so … Continue reading