De Siena F/W 2013-­14 collection

The collection De Siena for the next winter combines the declining pace of the day with the incredible acceleration of the night, to result in a sort of noir effect. Suede, processed paint to reach a semi-matt effect, spalmati and shining nappa leather, small hems that communicate handcraft care about details and reveal an unsuspected harmony for their going beyond the schemes.

This collection dares, as far as colors and matches are concerned. Many shining and daring feathers, small clasps that are easy to notice, arabesque laser cut leather that struck your ankle. This all gives then a final image of harmony: the luxury you feel is moderate and not too noticeable, an elegant seduction, and an image which treasures  vintage memories while keeping a contemporary look. A seducing message whispered in the ear, a love appointment with destiny to meet by feet with charmant style.

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