Arnoldo][Battois F/W 2013-­14 collection

Arnoldo][Battois F/W 2013-­‐14 collection arises from the Venice of ‘500, painted by Tiziano and Lorenzo Lotto: a world of dark and soft light, travels, velvets and brocades, details, refined knowledge of  “bottega”.

Travel bags and briefcases, renewed by locks, hinges, flaps decorated with frames and large bellows pockets.  Color pallet is dark, dense and oily as the painting of Venetian Renaissance, blend together without contrasts.  Combinations of red (cinnamon and pigeon blood), with dissonant tones and surfaces, create innovative color fusions.  Velvet is evoked by emerald green fur, sprayed in black, combined with bluish green calves with smooth or buckskin texture, to create games of shadows. Putty pythons, soft and rubbery and in green bottle karung with ash gray livery.

Accessories are dulled as the closure of old trunks, varying between ash gray, graphite, cast iron and ruthenium.


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