Kalogirou stores support Pink Ribbon campaign


It’s the fifth year that Kalogirou stores are honored to support the Estée Lauder Companies in the fight against Breast Cancer.

The company is distributing free through its network brochures and the pink ribbon. The slogan is “Power. Believe in a world without breast cancer. We are here to become a reality”.

October is the month dedicated to the Global Campaign Awareness for Breast Cancer. For twenty years Estée Lauder informs the public about the importance of early diagnosis and prevention disease. Since 1992 when they first started the campaign have been distributed worldwide hundreds of millions of pink ribbons, breast self-examination forms and prospectuses forms around the world, and have illuminated in pink more than 200 buildings-landmarks in more than 70 countries, reminding women how important
health of their breasts.

Breast cancer-a disease that affects all of us-can no longer be treated with optimism, since the information, prevention and early treatment of proven save lives. The aim of the campaign is the awakening of Greek with ambassadors from Kalogirou stores, which will be hosted in the information material and staff will be wearing the pink ribbon throughout October, undertaking to convey optimism and the belief that everyone should-and can-be entitled to a healthier life.

Get your ribbon from your Kalogirou store and wear it to transmit the message-wish for a world without cancer.

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