Les Envers di Sara Turatello F/W 2012

The new Fall-Winter 2012/13 collection is available with a range of several styles, and a wide and sophisticated color palette:
  • – airbrushed hand-made leather.
  • – Bi-color leather and gold studs.

One of the signature characteristics that has defined the identity of the brand is the hand-painting with “stain effect” in the linings.

Also, the Hat_bag that develops in 2 variants:

– Hat_MiniBag: a small clutch bag inside a detachable cylinder hat that allows you to choose to either wear the hat or the bag depending on your needs.

– Hat_Bag: bucket in a detachable cylinder hat

In addition to their handbags collection, Les Envers is launching a collection of limited edition necklaces (Collins) and resin rings (hand-made) that coordinate with the bags in order to create a unique total look.
All resins are handmade. Innovative, resistant and lightweight.

Les Envers has chosen to offer a high quality selected materials and products made in Italy, with attention to detail and handcrafted pieces in limited editions.

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