Stéphane Kélian in Kalogirou stores

The deeply versed in the world of fashion will be thrilled by the arrival of Stéphane Kélian creations in stores Kalogirou, while those who are now making their acquaintance with the house will understand that Kalogirou never ceases to reveal valuable secrets.

Stéphane Kélian founded in the early 60’s in Bourg de Péage France. In 1978  he debuted his women’s footwear line and from and then it presents bold creations and became wellknown to the designs woven leather.

In the Fall/Winter 2012-13 collection  woven leather skin dominates, worked as thin leather strips with arabesque elements or into detail drawing his inspiration from the techniques of the Viennese mat.

Geometrical lines run rich volumes, reflect comfort and flexibility. Designs exude retro air and are made ​​of high quality leather, which adds a special character to the product as ages.


Tel: +30 210 3356000


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