GlamRockChic “Back to Basics” Fall Winter 2012

Each piece is exclusively designed by luxury markeeter turned shoe designer Sarah Chin and hand crafted by skilled artisans.
Materials used are leather on upper, lining and in sole. Also sheepskin and kidskin. Some styles are made using high quality man made
materials to cater to animal lovers. The label does not use genuine exotic skins from python, lizard, crocodiles, rabbit fur, ostrich feathers or silk.

Shoes are made in a medium sized factory in China with artisans trained in making smaller batches of shoes at a quality pace to ensure a high end product.

This collection marks the debut of the closed toe pump, featuring 3 closed toe styles that are classically styled with a slight rock
treatment to each design with studded detailing.

Favorites from the previous collection, Super Diva in deep purple kidskin suede based on fans’ request and a special black edition of Wrapped Up in black leather with zebra printed calfskin strap. The collection will feature for the first time, 2 styles of flats, first one
inspired by GlamRockChic’s popular Heart & Soul and the other, Lifesaver. Both will be available 2 months later for Cruise 2013.

GlamRockChic shoes are available to purchase at :


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