François Najar Fall Winter 2012


“As the seasons go by, the luxury Louis Heel court shoe designer François Najar honors glamorous and sophisticated women.

For Fall-Winter 2012-2013, the collection and its matched line of purses exalt femininity through exceptional leathers combination and trompe l’oeuil graphic details.

Deep colors are revealed in a subtle play of light and shadow and combine gracefully with special materials such as eel, wood or brushed aluminum for an eclecticism of style. Under the seal of tradition, timeless stilettos turn alternately into vintage, urban, rustic and highly feminine accessories.

In a constant way of innovation, the fall-winter collection presents a new model, the front bride stiletto Charles 9 which smartly structured shape speaks in praise of perennially fashionable refinement.

Purity of lines and material whirl joined with the exceptional well fitting become imbued with truth.  Night and day, woman by François Najar comes to light with sensuality, according to taste and desire.”

All models are available in 4 heels heights(5/7/9/12 cm)

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