Meet Martino&Rodrigues new shoe line

Martino&Rodrigues SRL is a 100% italian brand, originated in 2009 by an idea of Emanuela Martino – a professional involved with the fashion industry for about 20 years – when she decided to create something new in the world of handmade luxury shoes.

Each pair of shoes is unique and handmade, with precision and strong attention to detail. Dizzying heights are the new must! Austere elegance combined with glam plus sumptuous high metal plates turn plateu into sculptures. Modern design with antique handicraft manufacture techniques and a specific attention to the choice of materials by skilled Neapolitan craftsmen who tailor our products with great care in our Digierre Moda factory in Naples (

Passion and excellence, inspiration and manual skills – these are the key words that describe Martino&Rodriguesstyle: a guarantee of high-class image and irresistible charm.

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