Authenticity, originality and uniqueness – Please welcome … NorTin

Carefully chosen leather, cork, straw and textiles driven by durability and elegance. Nora and Tina are here to stay !

Two new shoe designers based in Athens, Greece. They studied the art of shoe designing at ELKEDE and become professional lovers and makers of shoes. Authenticity, originality and uniqueness is their moto.

NorTin shoes are 100% handmade using the finest materials and leathers. Designs are truly unique and can even satisfy the harder customer. Share your shoe size and let them make it. Is this enough handmade for you ?

Tina  says “We design everything we like or love at the moment of our inspiration, because we don’t believe in labeling fashion or personal style. We just believe in authenticity that comes from inspiration. And inspiration can be anything and everywhere.”

Price range €110 – €180



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