Christina’s Daliani – An allusion to the female and male fetishism

Titina was born in the early 80s in Greece.  The year 2010 she graduated from University of Athens, where she studied Interior Architecture and Decoration and gained a scholarship for excellent performance. Since then she took part in several art exhibitions.

Her graduation project combined with fetishism and Art. Christina Daliani molds with clay every woman’s dream: Pumps! Only the heels of Christina is not consumed in walking, but to daydream.

She draws inspiration from the pin up girls and admires the shapely bodies, without vulgarize them. “In the true sense of a fetishist, the shoe was an idealized object of worship,” says Christina.

Works with glazing or transparent covers, with pyrochromata or metal oxides, which create interesting iridescence, after adding titanium or tin, but above all she  works with passion and inspiration.


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