Veronica Bettini “Fleurs du Mal“ Spring/Summer 2012

The collection S/S 2012 draws inspiration from the Art Nouveau.

Nature is a strong source of inspiration. Simple figures seem to naturally evolve and come to life in ways similar to plants and branches in the decorations of sinuous organic and small accessories (bracelets, necklaces, belts, booster Japanese obi), asymmetrical lines and curves of the clutch. Tangled branches occur in borders and profiles of the bags.

Handles of “Swan” jewel, made ​​of brass casting technique according to the ancient “lost wax” and deliberately kept raw.
The theme of course floral blooms in the provocative “petals” (nipple covers) silicone-coated chiffon roses or macrame ‘lace … skillfully sewn by hand, the result of high Italian craftsmanship.

Thank you Veronica for the information


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