Silvia Stella “Primary Game” collection

Primary Game, which is the title of her graduation thesis focused on her
accessory’s collection realized during the second lab of the third
year, want to synthetically express the aspiration to play with some
of the basic concepts of design: the elaboration of primary shapes and
colours, the structural organization of layers and the ambiguity of
dimensional relationship.
Primary are the geometric shapes that come out from the collection or
are included in it, primary are also the colours that move from white
to black, and from grey to yellow, graphically colouring the leather
of every item. These elements merged together originate clean-shape
and linear items, creations that refer themselves to metropolis and
camouflage in it. This is where took place the idea to look at
accessory’s shape as out of scale’s elements inside in an imaginary
urban landscape. To ironically give back this impression she’d used the
graphic’s stylistics of architectural’s rendering.
Holes, layers and solids, recur and repeat in every item in a joint’s
game creating geometrical structures, referring to modernist lexicon,
with the aim of creating playful quotes and with an amused emphasis to
its preliminary and pedagogic aspect.

Thank you Silvia for the info

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