Michael Lewis Fall/Winter 2011 “Fidelio”

Michael Lewis Autumn Winter 2011 collection boldly embraces provocative yet feminine designs. Classic is absent from this collection, which is marked by a definitive return to the playful and seriously seductive styles Michael is known for. This collection showcases Michael Lewis at his very best.

Inspired by 1980’s Mugler and Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut, the collection features intricate detailing in the dark hues of the season. The introduction of a new cigarette heel and sculptured platform creates serious height, further enhancing the allure of the shoe and empowering the wearer.

This explosive collection coupled with Michael’s collaborations with both Tom Ford and Versace, has cemented Michael Lewis as one of the most exciting British Footwear designers to watch.

Interview with Michael Lewis for “Heel Me”

Why did you become a shoe designer?
Because Architecture was far too big!!

You’ve won 3 British Fashion Council’s new generation awards. How do you feel?
Very privileged and greatly supported by The British Fashion Council.

What is a typical designer’s day like?
Manic,extremely Manic and very unpredictable. Design, research, dealing with suppliers, press etc and tight deadlines

You’ve done some great collaborations with fashion designers like Tom Ford. How important do you think it is for a shoemaker to work with ready-to-wear designers?
Important if you are working in a ready to wear brand as the shoes must integrate and be part of an image

What are the various different types of materials you require for shoe designing?
Depends on the season and direction of the collection,theme etc. So many options im not able to specify

Which is the most difficult form of shoe designing you have encountered before?
Getting the shoe structure built perfectly,heels and lasts…to look sharp but still be structurally sound

What is your source of inspiration?
Depends on the direction of the collection presently for me James Bond Movies from the 80’s 90’s

So, what’s next?
Being here now.

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