Tip Top shoe saver

I admit that every time I choose to wear a pointy shoe, I have to think it over and over. Now this belongs to the past, because I discovered the “tip top”. No more bent, creased, and worn out shoe tips!

This product preserves and restores the tips of our beloved pointy shoes.



How Does it Work?

Simply put, Tip Top Shoe Saver, fills the tips of pointy-toe shoes. Unlike most shoe forms that are placed in shoes and can only be used while the shoe is not being worn, TTSS can actually remain inside of the shoe while you’re wearing it. Yes, we said Tip Top Shoes Saver can be worn, and at the same time, provide the structure and form that helps new shoe tips keep their form and restores worn out , bent and creased shoe tips to their original form.

Price: $14.99

Buy @ Tip Top

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