Abel Munoz Fall/Winter 2011

Inspired by fashion and a lifetime interest in accessories, Abel Muñoz studied shoe design at the world renowned ARS Arpel Institute of Shoe and Accessory design in Milan. Upon graduation, he returned to his home base of Toronto to continue to develop his skills as an accessories designer.

Since childhood, Abel has had a passion for all facets of design. He began his career as a graphic designer,
working at a number of agencies in Latin America and North America. As Design Director at Redwood Custom Communications in Canada, he led creative teams on international accounts for General Motors,Volvo, The State of Illinois,Glidden Paints, Dell Computers,and RBC Financial Group.
In 2005, Abel joined the team at Kontent Publishing in Toronto as Deputy Art Director of the fashion and luxury lifestyle publications FQ and SIR. He also acts as as the Beauty Editor for both magazines, overseeing the conceptualization and execution of each season’s looks.

source: http://www.abelmunozaccessories.com/

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