High heels:Pros and cons

In ancient Greece platform sandals with wood or cork soles, called kothorni, were worn from actors in theater, to indicate varying social status or importance of characters. In ancient Rome, sex trade was legal, and female prostitutes were identified by their high heels. During Middle Ages, both men and women wore pattens or wooden soles. Pattens would attach to fragile and expensive shoes to keep them out of the mud and other street debris when walking outdoors. Gradually, only women have been wearing them ever since. Nowadays, you can find heels in different colors,shapes and heights.

For someone who chooses to wear high heels often, it is very important, to know the pros and cons. Heels do boost confidence, draw attention, make you look and feel sexy. Also make legs look longer and figure more slender, as lower leg muscles and arches are more defined. But are they really worth it? If you wear high heels most of the time, foot deformities, including hammertoes and bunions are likely to be created. Without the right position while walking in heels don’t just make us look weird, it also damages our spine and knees. While wearing heels, weight is redistributed and our weight is forced on the balls of our feet causing pinching pain. Over time, if you wear them regularly, can cause poor circulation. If leg and feet pains and aches are neglected, you may experience osteoarthritis.

From my own experience, both flat and heels have place in every woman’s closet, although I wear most of the time high heels cause I like myself in them, I keep in mind not to wear them for a long time and to rest my feet.

Our legs and feet need change and rest. You will be able to wear your fabulous high heels as long as you know what is best for the health of your feet and legs. Your feet always need proper care to keep up with your high fashion sense.

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