High heel shaped Stiletto table

A Stiletto table adds panache of the classic shoes to your home décor

This is a limited edition desk called “Stiletto”. Ita can be used as a console table or dressing table too. The stiletto shaped leg has been hand sculpted out of stacked walnut for the graceful look. The underside of the table has been polished red acrylic, and comes with a French Burr Walnut veneer curved top or with inlaid leather option to pick from.

Limited to eight pieces, the table comes with hidden finger groves to open red nubuck leather lined drawers smoothly and give the table a chic look minus the knobs. You can opt of cable management to have conduit for cables that can run hidden into the stiletto leg. You can customise the size and take finish to suite the décor of your room.

Source: http://www.luxurylaunches.com/

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