Site presentation: MyShoephoria

Shoe lovers united

MyShoephoria is your online personalized shoe closet and shoe diary.

In MyShoephoria, shoe “maniacs” can organize their shoe collections or shoe fantasies and share it with others.

Users can organize/categorize their shoes by adding details such as Brand, Price, Color, Size, Purchased From, Purchased Date, share their collections to other social networks or blogs and view other users’ collection.
Also, store shoe images and keep track of the number of their shoe collection, search for a pair of shoes with in an instant. You may comment on your shoes and on other users’ shoes by going to the shoe image, and typing your comment on the comment box found below the image.You may also rate a shoe from 1-5 with 5 shoes being the highest.

This site was founded by the shoe-lover herself, Ann Jacobe.

Keep your ears and eyes opened cause they will be launching an application for your phone !

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