Site presentation: Save Your Sole

Save Your Sole specialises in selling coloured rubber shoe soles in all colours to match the colour and to resole designer shoes. You can see and choose soles at

“We were tired of buying new shoes and then having them look dirty and ruined after the first time we had worn them and also wanted something to give us grip to make our 5 inch heels easier to walk in. That’s why Save Your Sole came to life.”

Selling online gives an easy access to all shoe lovers around the world!

How it works is that the customer buys a pair of soles online (for £9.95), it is sent the same day either locally or internationally and then they take it to the shoe repairer to have it fitted to their shoes.

You can also find useful information about Trusted Cobblers, design and order you own Shoe Hotel and read interesting Sole Stories.
See how it is done

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