Pedro Fights AIDS 2010

1st December 2010, Singapore – All around the world, 1st of December commemorates one of the most meaningful days of observance; World Aids Day. This day marks the day of a deadly disease of which, many victims have suffered from the hands of it. The day also gathers people all round the world together in garnering further support in raising awareness on the epidemic that has inflicted more than 40 million people around the world. Officially declared in 1988, World Aids Day has been dedicated to raising awareness of the pandemic caused by the spread of the HIV infection.

Kicking off the start of the PEDRO FIGHTS AIDS campaign once again, Pedro is pleased to collaborate with World Vision – Singapore for the second year in a row, to help the beneficiaries of World Vision’s ONE LIFE FUND; an educational bursary scheme established on World Aids Day in 2008. The fund is in view of the children and youth in Singapore who are either infected with HIV/AIDS, or who have one or both parents who are HIV-positive. At the same time, the PEDRO FIGHTS AIDS campaign has been extended to the Malaysian, Philippine and the Vietnamese territories.

Pedro is pleased to announce the launch of exclusive loafers for men and women. The shoes which have been created with a dash of red to symbolize solidarity with HIV and the dangers and emergencies that goes along with the infection. In 2009, only the Pedro Fights Aids men’s shoes were available for this campaign; however this year, Pedro has decided to create the shoes for both men and women to represent our commitment towards the cause.

The shoes have red trimming around the top lining to further enhance the symbolisation of the colour associated with World Aids Day. For that differentiating factor, the women’s shoes spot a red tassel on the upper which gives the pair of exclusive loafers that soft feminine touch. Both the pairs come with a removable tag housing a condom which is aimed to stress on the importance of safe sex and self preservation.

The aim of these limited edition shoes is to encourage our consumers in showing their support to the underprivileged children and acknowledge that AIDS is a serious problem.

The Pedro Fights Aids Shoes will reach Pedro Stores nationwide in Singapore from the 1st of December 2010. Exclusively priced, the men’s shoes are being sold for S$96, whilst the women’s shoes are at S$69, which is a small price to pay to bettering the lives of the children and youth here in Singapore. 50% of the proceeds will go directly towards the beneficiaries of the ONE LIFE FUND.

HIV/AIDS takes a toll on not only ones well being, but also financially which leads to families not being able to afford to keep up with costs of education. The only problem is that Education is THE solution to extract these underprivileged children from poverty. All they need is a helping hand and a heart. Fight Aids with Pedro and you will help to create a brighter future for these children and leave a lasting impression on them.

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