Site presentation: I CAN make shoes

“I CAN make shoes” is an independent studio dedicated in teaching people how to make hand made shoes. It is located in east London in the Fashionable location of Dalston and it’s designed for beginner students who want to learn how to take their ideas from concept through to finished product, starting anyone’s future in footwear.

Since training in the craft of cordwaining (shoe making), Amanda Luisa has been working as a freelance footwear designer, hand making shoes for various high profile clients.

Amanda has always prided herself on making the best quality shoes that are custom fit to her clients every requirement.

After many successful years as a personal shoemaker in Australia, Amanda has developed a modern method of shoe making. This method incorporates the same quality and strength of more traditionally made shoes, only without the use of heavy machinery.

This modern approach to shoe making gave her the freedom to start making shoes from home, which then prompted her to develop this method into a variety of London based shoe making workshops.

Amanda believes her technique to be to the same standard as traditional shoe making only much more practical for someone who is interested in making one off custom made shoes.

There are 3 workshops running.

  • Start your future in footwear! 3 Days
  • Become a Shoe design Icon! 1 day, £75
  • Up-cycle your Shoedrobe! 1 day, £50

And Summer Sandal Making! 1 day, that’s seasonal and will be running again for Summer 2011

For available dates and more information about the workshops or services email:

Feel free to contact Amanda directly on or phone +44 (0) 207 241 0036.

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