Jean Gaborit – Elena boot

A sophisticated all new over the knee style in brown with a background in metallic bronze. A new rounded foot shape, a pull on style fully leather lined. Heel height in size 37 is 6 cms.

Special price: 550 euros (normal retail 675 euros)

Shop it @ Jean Gaborit

3 thoughts on “Jean Gaborit – Elena boot

  1. FROM hhplace Sway said:
    A little warning about Jean-Gaborit, I screwd around with them 1 1/2 years trying to get a custom size (wide wide) in a US mens size 12 and they said they could make them. Well they can’t about all they can custome make is the shaft. Very poor communications after the purchase, I would email them every week asking for an update or if they were receiving my mail and this went on for months with very few replies now I’m stuck with a $325.00 pair of boots that I’ve had stretched 5 times and they are still too tight.
    After I place my first order and they arrived 2 1/2 months later, I returned them with pictures showing where they were too tight, new measurement, tracings of my foot and so on it took a year to get the remakes back and now they will not respond to any of my mail.
    Sorry to rant but it’s something you need to know.

  2. Boots365
    bss said:
    Just thought I’d inform people of this….I placed an order with for some custom made boots in July. They sent the wrong boots last month. It was some cheaper non-custom made boot in a much larger size. I notified them and they were going to send the correct boots, but I have not seen them to this day. I have been emailing them, and they are not responding back to my emails. I am sorry to say that I do not recommend doing business with these people.
    I’ve had same problem with Jean Gaborit. I’ve been waiting since last March on a pair made with expensive chrome leather that was special ordered. Ian has always been good to work with until about 3 months ago. Apparently, a some workers left the company causing production problems. Jean Gaborit is a small company according to Ian. He promised to send boots out months ago, and nothing ever happened , nor will he answer my emails. Same situation you’ve experienced. Hope I’m wrong, but I’m beginning to think company has folded, is about to, or Ian is in process of leaving. It would be a shame as Ian knows boots and Jean Gaborit made great boots.

  3. yozz
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    LocationMostly Amsterdam
    jo said:
    I’d have thought he would have cut his losses by now and simply made you another pair in a larger size, rather than attempting to stretch and stretch again the pair already made a year ago. And 67 weeks is a completely crazy amount of time; there can be no excuse for that. Proof of sending can be supplied in the form of a tracking number from the courier company; there’s always the possibility the courier service have lost them.
    I am convinced he did not send them. He seems to be in denial again as he does not answer his e-mail.
    He seems to be one of those people who cannot admit that he made a mistake. It is anybodies fault but his, it is unpleasant and hence he puts it in a corner and tries to forget about it. Then at the same time, because he is basically not dishonest, he knows he has to go back to it, but keeps postponing. An unpleasant truth.
    I will see whether I can reach him by telephone this week. Let us see what story he will invent now. My guess about what really happened is that he overstretched it and that something broke. Stretching 28 cm into 32 cm seems a bit rough.
    You are of course right. Any sensible person would have admitted that this was getting nowhere and either have made new boots or taken me up on my offer to choose another pair that would have a proper zipper so that the problem would not arise.

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