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Insolia Inserts shift weight off the balls of your feet, back to your heels, making comfortable high heels a reality.
* Insolia Inserts are clear and vanish in your shoes.

* Choose Insolia Inserts by shoe size – one size does not fit all.

* You can wear any style of high heel with Insolia Inserts.

* Insolia Inserts now have Natural Elements, a unique antibacterial technology that has been found to prevent the bacterial growth that can cause odors.

How Insolia Products work

• Insolia products shift weight off of the ball of the foot back to the heel by placing the foot in the optimal position for high heels.

• The Insolia Weight Shift Solution allows most women to wear their high heels up to three times longer than without Insolia Inserts.

• The Insolia Weight Shift Solution restores balance and allows women in heels to return to their natural heel-toe stride.

• The Insolia Weight Shift Solution improves body alignment and results in a higher degree of ankle stability while reducing pressure on the ball of the foot.

• The Insolia Weight Shift Solution dramatically reduces leg and lower back pain caused by walking improperly.

• Insolia Inserts were designed by a podiatrist and a rocket scientist.

• For more information see the article, “High heel design puts less pressure on forefoot” in Biomechanics, Feb. 2000.

Visit: Insolia official site

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