Celebrities in ballet shoes

The ballet boot is a style of fetish footwear that merges the pointy shoe with the ultimate high heel.
International Fetish Model Charlotte Brooke has walked around at FetishCon for a full 9 hour day.
Christina Aguilera
Naomi Campbell

Nigella Lawson
Sasha Cohen

Michele Nichols
Lady Gaga
Charlotte Brooke
Liz Hurley
Danielle Lloyd
Anita DeBauch

Alexandra Potter

6 thoughts on “Celebrities in ballet shoes

  1. These shoes are very ugly. I do not care why. Seeing the shoes worn by many famous women, matters not. UGLY! UGLY! UGLY!

  2. love them and finaly got a pair in my size. And to start to walk in them it was easy for about 30 feet then the toe box started to curl up i just need to figure how to reinforce them a little .

  3. To me they are the most awful looking shoe/boot ever. I love the shape a foot makes in a heel, even though I do not wear heels myself, I do draw them a lot. I also love the shape of the foot slightly bent. When I sculpt a figure, in clay, I love making the foot. But these boots are, to me, so vile and unnatural. They reek of pain for the wearer.They do not show the beauty of the foot. I guess we are all different.

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