Fashion goes World Cup

Men’s and feminine pieces in the spirit of FIFA World Cup, with the signature of famous designers, but also from brands of wide consumption. From “hip” socks, to Christian Louboutin high heels !

Apart from sports labels and brand products of low cost, the tournament taking place in South Africa, and beginning on June 11th, inspires even “couture” signatures, that claim their share in the World Cup merchandising, not only with discreet national details but also with bold elements in their creations. Moreover, lately there’s been intense acivity by “unexpected” labels, that have started to aim at the particular target group of football fans, that is to say of a sport that traditionally was not considered “noble”.

Thus, beyond the bonds of football’s star system with the world of “haute” fashion, and the presence of popular personalities in advertising, now we see the World Cup serving as a very convenient occasion for its opening in a wider public, via more budget-friendly lines that were created specifically for occasion. After all, the economic crisis has not been kind nor in the particular field, with bankruptcies and repurchases going around. In effect, no one says “no” to the possibility of revenues from “unexpected” consumers or from the purchasing habits of collectors. Even if that ‘s for a limited period, and even if this meant divergence from one previously strictly oriented style and consumers’ profile.

This new “business plan” appears to be supported bidirectionally, at least on official level and regarding the upper units of football’s institutions, at least if we take into consideration the fact that FIFA has made a special order to the house of Louis Vuitton, for the manufacturing of the sheath that will transport the trophy of the World Cup. As the relative statement of the International Federation of Football said: “From now on, the trophy will not travel only with safety, but also with style”. It is, after all, reasonable for a trophy made of 18 carat gold, that weighs about six kilos and is a symbol of national athletic dreams, to enjoy the best of “care”, at least in the way FIFA conceives it.

The times change – Maradona and Pele (in random order) coexist in an ad of a luxury brand, hence it will not come as a surprise if we see “the hand of –‘rebel’ God” carrying a Vuitton bag …
Argyro Stavridi via

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