Heel Shields

Heel Shields come with a 100% Scuff Free Guarantee. Here is how it works. If you purchase a Heel Shield and it does not protect the heel of your shoe from drivers black heel, scuffing, staining and other driving damage then your money will be refunded. No questions, no reasons. Just return your Heel Shield to the address on the website and your money will be returned.

Do you change your shoes in the car to stop drivers black heel? Heel Shields are easier! Do you drive barefoot to protect your shoes from the drama of drivers black heel? Heel Shields will protect your bare heel from drivers dirty heel!

So, if you have been hesitant about getting your very own Heel Shield – stop worrying! You don’t have to worry if Heel Shields work. Heel Shields are GUARANTEED!

See how it works


Buy yours @ Heel Shields

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