Foot Petals – Gift sets

Foot Petals has created a revolutionary business within the footwear industry and offers an entire collection of solution oriented products for women, as well as Sole Kings for men. A collection of leg and footwear solutions that is not only stylish, but healthy too.

A California based company, Foot Petals, proudly manufactures, sells and distributes in the United States. This allows us to ensure the finest quality products and provide the best service to our customers. Foot Petals products are currently sold in the finest retailers worldwide.

Products: Foot Petals consists of over twenty unique products, accessories and kits that provide women with stylish, yet invisible solutions to common problems caused by wearing their favorite shoes.

Material: Cushions are made from a high performance urethane called Poron. Poron repels moisture, bacteria and odor, absorbs shock, and is available in colors that blend with the style of shoes. Unlike other cushion materials Poron keeps its shape and once placed in shoe, will last the lifetime of the shoe.

Benefits: Many of their products have a variety of benefits, the most common are:

Keeps foot properly positioned
Cushions and comforts foot
Prevents calluses from forming
Protects bones and tissue

American Podiatric Medical Association has given their
Seal of Acceptance to all Foot Petals cushions.

We love them and surely you’ll do the same!

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