Madam shoes – New arrivals

At Madam Shoes, researchers constantly on the prowl for new styles of ravishing shoes and boots to add to the inventory. Madam shoes are very proud of the extensive collection of intensely sexy shoes and boots and vow to continue adding to it! The New Arrivals section offers a consolidated look at our newest offerings, so once you’ve become familiar with their site this is a perfect place to check in to stay up-to-date on our newest styles! Trends are always changing, so a visit to the Madam Shoes’ New Arrivals section will ensure that you can always step out in style and with confidence.

The New Arrivals section will normally have styles across the board, so no worries if you can’t get enough boots or platforms (as Imelda Marcos lamented, “I did not have three thousand pair of shoes; I had one thousand and sixty”): Madam Shoes is always getting new designs in! Some current staff favorites include the clear plastic Candy-01 with a hot cork-wrapped platform heel, the black stiletto sandal Eclair-4 which features silver metal hardware and the Covergirl-620 in white leather and clear Acrylic platform and heel. For something a little naughty, the no-nonsense Revenge-3020 in black patent might suit your fancy, or perhaps the oddly erotic Ballet-1020 in lace up black leather will sate your desires.

Visit: Madam Shoes

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