Site presentation – Daniele Marziali shoes

Since 1960, they have been perfecting the art of hand-made shoemaking and selling women’s shoes to shops in Italy as well as all over the world. Now they are bringing their creations online in order to sell directly to the public.

You will have the possibility to purchase classy, personalised and high quality shoes.

Without any additional costs for intermediaries or retailers, you can save up to 40%.
Daniele Marziali shoes are unique for using ONLY artisan manufacturing methods and for featuring the finest quality materials available, including GENUINE LEATHER.

Here you can buy directly from the designer and producer.

Design, manufacturing, refinishing and materials are all exclusively MADE IN ITALY.

Remember, almost 50 years of experience!

Shipment: Worldwide €45, Europe €19

“Daniele Marziali Calzature”
Via Solferino 86
63018 Porto Sant’Elpidio
Ascoli Piceno
P.IVA 01914050446

Visit: Marziali shoes

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