Millie’s Heels – Handmade High Heels

Being big fans of female footwear and missing highheels in the streets in the the late 90’s they slowly on started thinking about starting our own company, and they did.

They openend in 2003 as a trading company for highheeled ladies footwear.

In 2004 they started designing and selling handmade vintage based classic pumps under our own name: ‘Millie’s Heels’.

Today they keep doing that and working on sandals and boots as well.

Clients can choose the colour and material combination themself based on excisting models. Example: the black/white (leather) Irene pump can also be ordered in red suede + blue leather and a sandy coloured sole instead of black. All combinatons are posible for around 3 times the stock price. Custom made sizes 35 up to 46.

For further info you can contact:
T +31(0)6-26426399
F +31(0)84-7224526



Chambre of Commerce: 34208515

VAT: NL.1855.84.585.B01
Hoofddorp, The Netherlands
Bank: ING: 6058601 attn: M. Mebus

Visit: Millie’s Heels

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