Petite Shoes

Title says it all!

Petite shoes are the rule, not the exception, at Giordano’s. The store is devoted exclusively to women who wear shoe sizes 4-5½ medium and seek fashionable footwear to compliment their wardrobes. Giordano’s has one of the largest selections of designer footwear in hard to find smaller sizes, with a vast collection of flats, heels, loafers, boots and sandals from favorite designers. Since 1981, New York’s Giordano’s has become a recognized leader in providing fashionable footwear to the substantial number of women who have difficulty finding shoes in sizes 4-5½ medium. Giordano’s personalized service attracts a loyal clientele of city and suburban residents as well as travelers from all over the world. For out of town customers, Giordano’s has a new and extensive color catalog and will ship anywhere in the United States, Europe, South America and Asia.

Shoes may be the most difficult part of the anatomy to fit properly. While dresses and shirts can be altered, shoes can’t be shortened. So most women with small feet try to make do . . . and don’t do very well. Children’s shoes might fit . . . but they’re not fashionable. With Giordano’s exceptional selection, women can finally find shoes that fit and look fabulous. For further information and catalog subscription costs please call or fax Telephone 212.688.7195 | FAX 212.688.7199, Australia

Visit: Petite Shoes

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