SNEAK PEEK: Alexander McQueen’s A/W shoe collection

SEE Alexander McQueen’s dramatic shoe collection of super-high sculpted heels

Alexander McQueen’s final collection had the fashion world captivated with its beauty. And the shoes that accompanied it will be getting footwear fanatics just a little bit excited.


6 thoughts on “SNEAK PEEK: Alexander McQueen’s A/W shoe collection

  1. Yes we're looking for designers like you!! to Launch with us at our Fashion show/Launch party at a very exclusive spot!! for an invention that can now detach and reattach the heel from the sole of the shoe (now being separated)…Cool…and i thought while i was looking at the collection wouldn't it be cool if you can take off each heel and match it up…;-)njoy your day

  2. Yes I know 🙂 I've been keeping up with your collections for awhile, and I couldn't take it any more. I have to get my hands on a pair of these shoes…Love em and love your site 0_o

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