Jean Gaborit – Handmade shoes

Boots, boots, boots…Lots of boots, handmade only for you!

All of the styles presented on this site, Jean Gaborit, are produced exclusively in leather.

The quality of leather is one of the principle determining factors in the manufacture of a high quality boot. There are many different types of leather : Cow, calf, goat, pig and of course other more exotic products derived from lizard, snake, ostrich, toad, fish, etc..
The leather represents a major cost in the raw material element used in the manufacture of the footwear, regardless of style.
Several methods of tanning exist, amongst these the processes insisting the use of vegetable materials, or chrome. Today tanneries are extremely aware of their responsability in the care of the environment. This historically has unfortunatly not always been the case. Stringent controls now exist and our leather is procured from these producers.

Finally, there are many different uses for the various elements in a hide. The tougher areas are laminated to produce the different thickness. The par closest to the surface layer is known as the scat and is used in the manufacture of articles of lower quality. The “pleine fleur” layer is the most noble quality and is used in the preparation of quality products. Our range is produced essentially from the “pleine fleur” calf hide tanned with the chrome process with an anilane finish.

We work 3 types of leather :
Smooth calf hide, “pleine fleur” calf hide that is immersed in a dye, with either an anilane or pigmented treatment to produce the smooth surface finish.
Suede calf hide, this is also taken from the “pleine fleur” dyed to the desired colour, dried and palissonised. To create the unique texture, these hides are then polished.
Varnished calf hide, this is created by adding a film of gloss varnish to produce the shining finish.
All of these pertain to the external appearence of our products, we, of course, attach as much importance to the quality of linings, as they provide much of the comfort of the boot.

The principle noble material chosen is high quality pig skin. After a great many years of experience, we have observed that the chrome tanning process is the one that produces the greatest suppleness and comfort.

All the soles are produced in leather, it being the best breathable material available. As an option, the life span can be increased by the addition of a translucent sub-sole.

Here you can have a look at the designs —> Boot catalog

Shipping to USA costs 55 Euros and 40 Euros within Europe (France 15 Euros), through Fedex to provide with a faster and fully trackable service.

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