Pedro Footwear and Accesories



Pedro, a name synonymous with modern luxury, embodies the epitome of luxury in footwear and accessories for men and women. This independent boutique offers a line of footwear in a smart twist of enriching timeless classics with international influence. The collection for men offers an array of contemporary footwear, bags, belts, wallets and ties, while the women’s collection offers a diverse line of footwear resonating elegance and sophistication with a feminine demeanour. A right mixture of dark wood, mirror finish trimmings & black tinted glass creates a distinctive icon for fashion boutiques. Discover the innovations exuded from which is incorporated through outstanding workmanship and a well-conceived assembly with fashion indulgence.

Attributing its retail concept and capability to the clever workmanship at eminent speed to fit in the ever changing fashion frame, Pedro now operates in Indonesia, Philippines, Dubai, Malaysia and Singapore.


This season vertiginous platform heels have stamped their prominence as a fixture nestled in the shelves of every cavernous shoe closet. There are no boundaries in reaching greater heights and nothing sends such a tsunami of style than the soaring appeal of this manifestation of glamour. The transcendence of the gladiator persists, proving that it is not just an ephemeral obsession stalling its moment in the limelight.

Manipulating palettes running the gamut of the colour spectrum in channeling a multi-faceted allure through the shades du jour never fails to score. Unleash the perennial iridescence of metallics which spread the Midas touch alongside a sensory interpretation of the stalwarts of taupe and ebony.

Studs and buckles featuring the radiant glints off shiny accents, alludes to effulgent palladium-hued hardware onboard a lavishly constructed vessel. Jewel embellishments sit pretty as the focal point they inherently are. These adornments offer a winning combination to the meticulously chosen materials, from soft suede and versatile leather, to ubiquitous patent and whimsical fabric. Deftly brought together to form an amazing amalgamation of texture, the effect is a sublime creation which has come to encompass the very essence of Pedro.


Ever since striking lacquered soles under stilettos descended upon the fashion world, the resulting fascination of stratospheric proportions has never abated, elevating the stature of the once insignificant sole to unprecedented prominence. It is now time that the sole of men’s shoes received the same attention. Every groove, colour and shape of the sole is artfully designed and forged with dexterous finesse, with no shoe has been left unturned, so to speak, in the pursuit of individuality.

With such attention lavished on the sole, it comes naturally that the shoe upper receives even greater emphasis to its construction. Contrary to lingering belief in some quarters, men’s shoes have long departed from the prosaic archetype. Since its inception, shoes from Pedro have garnered recognition for channeling inimitable style in profusion. This season is no exception. Vibrant colours set to titillate coexist with understated black and brown, and unflappable details form the coup d’état setting it apart from the rest. Cue faultless stitching, laces, toe cap design and a flourish in ornamental perforations which render an aesthetic fest igniting admiration. Incorporated in a multitude of makes and styles, there is bound to be something which fits the occasion. Make an impression in consummate fashion and up the ante with these anchors of the hottest looks to set sail. The sartorial virtuoso would be appeased.

You can find P E D R O Shoes here

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